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          1. 您好!歡迎訪問德州洛克高性能陶瓷制品有限公司官方網站!







              其中包括 Al2O3—Ti(C,N)、Al2O3—(W,Ti)C 等以及含有金屬粘結劑的各種復合陶瓷;


              其中包括 Si3N4—Ti(C,N)等多種復合陶瓷;




              Al2O3— SiCw



              De Zhou Roc-Ceramic Company Ltd., jointly established by Shandong Rixin composite material Ltd. And Professor Pan Min Yuan, Director of Ceramics Research Institute, Xi'an University of Science and Engineering, is a high-tech and professional ceramic Products Company Ltd, which can produce high-performance ceramic products. It is a comprehensive company combining research, development, production and marketing. Abundant funds and technological expertise lay a solid foundation for its high quality products.

              Tested by state authoritative department in May 2006, the quality and performance of the ceramic products of the company have superseded products of its kind made by other ceramic cutting materials producing companies. The index of the test demonstrates that products of the company have reached the international level. Therefore, the company has been commended and approved by its customers after using its products.

              The main products of the company are a variety of high-performance ceramic products, especially quality ceramic lathes and inserts. The main high-performance ceramic products are the following four kinds:

              1. Aluminum carbon, nitride compound ceramics

              Among them, include Al2O3 Ti (C , N) , Al2O3 (W , Ti) C etc. and contain various metal agglomerated compound ceramics;

              2. Nitrating silicon carbon, nitride compound ceramics

              Among them, include various compound ceramics such as Si3N4 Ti (C , N);

              3. Oxide zirconium increase pure aluminum pliable but strong ceramics


              4. Silicon-carbide crystal must increase aluminum compound ceramics pliable but strong

              Al2O3— SiCw

              The company mainly produce the above mentioned high performance ceramic products as well various ceramic parts of wear-resistance and heat and corrosion resistance. It can also accept orders according to the demands of consumers with reliable technology, advanced handicraft and equipment. The products of the company is therefore outstanding, the breed is numerous with complete ranges of specifications and price are rational. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to use our products.

              The company has various lathe tool body prepared and milling cutter plate that can be used. It can provide associate assistance during application of our products when problems accrued. Customers using the Roc ceramic products may gain high economic efficiency.